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This week we have two new faces on Naked Gay Boys. The first belongs to sexy, and hung, Chris Cox the 25 year old Hispanic hottie from right here in Miami. The second half of today’s horny duo is Jarrod King, a 24 year old cross over from one of our brother sites, CircleJerkBoys. We’re sure you’ll love this sexy Jersey native as much as they have on CJB. We asked these studs if they were avid movie goers and if they weren’t was there any movie they had wanted to see but missed. It would be “Limitless” for Jarrod who wanted to watch Bradley Cooper get to use his entire…brain. Get your minds out the gutter! Chris had wanted to watch “Red Riding Hood”. When it comes to TV shows they both love “Family Guy”. Jarrod also loves “Modern Family” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. They both love to fuck and today Jarrod is taking one for the team. They both love smooth, bubble butts to slide their cocks into. They are also adventurous. Chris sucked off a guy at the airport once and Jarrod found himself smack in the middle of a spontaneous orgy at a friend’s party. No GPS needed apparently. Well, Chris won’t need one either as he gets to take a long drive through Jarrod’s…you know.

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Chris is sitting back playing with his growing cock as he sexts with a friend. “Sexting” is the new cyber sex via text messaging. Kids these days, who knew PDAs could be this much fun. Jarrod comes in and finds him rock hard on his phone and asks what’s going on. Chris tells him he’s lining up some for later. Apparently that won’t be necessary since Jarrod’s curiosity will be taking care of that soon enough. He grabs Chris’ cock and starts to tug at it through his jeans as he undoes his pants. Jarrod kneels before Chris who drops his pants to give Jarrod better access. Jarrod strokes and teases Chris’ 9” cock which is now throbbing and wanting attention. Jarrod stands back up as he drops trou and starts making out with Chris. Chris then sits back on the couch’s armrest and pulls his cock out for Chris. Chris goes down on his rock hard cock taking it all the way to the hilt. Chris pulls off Jarrod’s boxers as he gets comfortable worshipping that cock. He strokes it as he polishes that knob making our Jersey boy moan his approval. Chris looks up at Jarrod as he deep throats that meat. Chris is rock hard and soon wants some help on his own throbbing cock.

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Chris lies back and strokes his meat as Jarrod straddles his face. He slides that dick back into his mouth as Chris gets his cock rock hard for what’s to come. Already in position, Jarrod slides out of Chris’ mouth and onto Chris’ raging bone. Jarrod’s tight ass struggles to take Chris’ thick cock but after a while finally concedes. Chris’ thick cock pushes all the way inside as he starts to fuck up into Jarrod’s sweet ass. Jarrod is groaning as he takes that cock as Chris tries to shove as much as he can deep inside. They go at it until Jarrod wants a turn. He gets Chris on the floor and gets behind him as he prepares to return the favor. Chris moans as he gets that thick dick shoved deep inside. Payback’s a bitch—Oh, Goody! We have a feeling our versatile Miami boy doesn’t mind at all. Jarrod slams away at Chris’ tight ass as his balls slap away at that hungry hole. Jarrod then flips Chris over onto his back as he lifts his legs up and slides back inside for more. Chris is rock hard as he gets more cock shoved deep inside. Jarrod fucks him faster and deeper ultimately sending Chris over the edge. He explodes all over his smooth chest and abs. Jarrod follows suit as he pulls out and adds another coat to the whitewash finish.

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Naked gay boys sex – Chad Cole and Luke Desmond

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Spring is in the air at Naked Gay Boys and in the dorm room of sexy, smooth and oh-so-horned Chad Cole and Luke Desmond. The dick part got started the minute Luke hauled out his 8’, thick uncut pole and Cad eagerly gobbled it down, choking on the massive pole. Chad’s leaking cock soon finds a home in Luke’s tonsils before Chad’s attention turns to Luke’s hole. After tonguing Luke till he was begging to be filled, one last spit soak of Chad’s cock and Luke was impaled – and deeply! Luke first rode that cock then flipped on his back for an even deeper drilling. Turnabout being fair play, Chad’s ass was next and waits until you see the load he shot after an expert dicking from Luke’s fat, long cock. Oh yes, spring is in the air and on Naked Gay Boys today, there’s plenty of jizz in the breeze too!

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Horny boy Tyler Brooks gay story

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We knew you wouldn’t get enough of Tyler Brooks and his incredible tubesteak in just an action set; so we’ve brought the well-hung boy back for a video where you can see that monster in action. You may have to step back from the screen a little, it’s quite the prize possession.

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Naked Gay boys Alfred Alessa and Erick Milano story

When the Naked Bay Boys crew pointed their camera towards the corner, they saw that sexy Alfred Alessa and horny Erick Milano had already started their own party with Alfred licking his way down from Erick’s pouty, full lips, across his neck and down to his already hard nips until they rested on the already leaking head of Erick’s throbbing, uncut bone. Moving to the couch, they could barely stop kissing to get each other’s clothes off, but Erick’s throat was feeling lonely and Alfred’s cock fixed that. But Alfred’s hole was in need of a company as well and Erick was happy to bend him over and fill him to the balls, staying deep inside as he flipped Alfred over onto his back for an even deeper drilling. Fucking furiously, with Alfred thrusting up to meet every powerful thrust of Erick’s, Alfred cranked out a thick white load all over his abs and was soon joined by Erick’s pelting of even more jizz.

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Hot young naked boys Dolph Lambert and Jack Harrer

Hot young naked boys Dolph Lambert and Jack Harrer

Watch as we bring you the hottest gay boys in the world now in full rich 3D. Today is our 3rd scene in 3D featuring NakedGayBoys superstar Dolph Lambert and rising star Jack Harrer. Both studs pack big uncut cocks, but Jacks is so thick that Dolph has a hard time getting his lips around it! The 2 hot gay boys take advantage of a beautiful resort getaway for a hot condom free fuck shot in 3D.

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